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Ulmo Honey, Natural, Raw honey, Medicinal Honey, Unheated Honey, Unfiltered Honey, Antibiotic Free Honey, Manuka Honey, UMF MGO Kfactor

The native 'Ulmo' tree is only found on the Island of Chiloé, Chile. It is a unique blossom that has deep connections to the indigenous peoples of Chile. It holds a special place in the mystical isle and can be found in bloom during the months of February, March and April. 


Information About Ulmo Honey:

Proven to be a Medicinal Honey:  

Ulmo honey has been proven to have higher antimicrobial effect compared to Manuka honey with certain strains of infection/bacteria such as E-coli for example. Manuka Honey is a very well known medicinal honey and Ulmo honey is medicinal honey that compares to Manuka honey.
The medical research regarding Ulmo honey has proven it to be effective with Burns and with Venous Ulcers. Much like Manuka honey, our Ulmo honey is highly antibacterial, antimicrobial and is used to help the Digestive System, Soothe Sore Throat and ease the common Cold and has been used for scrapes, cuts, moisturizing cream among many other uses. Ulmo honey is a great option for Manuka consumers to buy a premium High Quality Honey but without paying the premium price of Manuka honey. Currently, Ulmo honey does not have a designation system like Manuka honey's UMF or Kfactor or MGO standards. It is our hope that one day Ulmo will have this designation.

*See our 'Resources' section for actual medical research articles. 

1. Never heat it above 104°F. Heating it above this temperature will destroy all health qualities (amino acids, enzymes, hydrogen peroxide...) inherent in our Ulmo Honey. 

2. So, having said that, if you cook with Soco Honey it you will add an extraordinary flavor to your dish but, it will no longer have the health benefits (enzymes, amino acids, High Hydrogen Peroxide Activity...) that customers buy our Ulmo honey for (besides buying it for the incomparable flavor and texture - which is the #1 reason people LOVE our 'Ulmo' honey).

3. Ulmo is a unique tree, endemic to Chiloé, Chile and our honey comes exclusively from one beekeeper (we never mix lots or use other beekeepers honey mixed with ours). Our Ulmo honey is creamy, smooth and  truly like no other honey.

4. The Ulmo flower blossoms in February - April in Chile. Each year the honey has its own unique characters, like a fine with does depending on the climate during the season but, it always has it unique aroma, flavor and texture. 

5. Enjoy Soco's 'Ulmo' Honey directly from the jar or on your favorite fruits. It's also delicious in yogurt and on granola. Be sure to tell us how you have enjoyed our Ulmo honey in our reviews section. 



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Ulmo Honey, Natural, Raw honey, Medicinal Honey, Unheated Honey, Unfiltered Honey, Antibiotic Free Honey, Manuka Honey, UMF MGO Kfactor