3 Pack, Unfiltered, Raw, Unheated, Premium Medicinal Ulmo Honey (17.6oz/500g) - Bottled in Chile / *Free 2 Day USPS Shipping!

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Pack of 3 (17oz) Jars!

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100% Raw, Unfiltered, Unheated, Unpasteurized, Antibiotic-Free, Premium Medicinal 'Ulmo' Honey

Medicinal Honey: Derived from the Ulmo blossom (only found on Chiloe Island in Chile). It has proven medicinal benefits showing Higher Antimicrobial effect compared to manuka honey. Ulmo honey is consumed daily to support DIGESTIVE HEALTH, to help relieve SORE THROAT & COUGH. Soco's Ulmo honey Phenols are different than that of Manuka and have shown to be highly effect in the treatment of ailments such as Venous Ulcers and Burns and provides a great nutritious energy source to your daily diet.

High Quality Premium Honey

Deliciously Smooth, Deliciously Creamy, Raw Ulmo Blossom Honey - It's UNLIKE any other honey!

TRUST: Product of Chile: One Beekeeper; Bottled in Chile for Genuine Unaltered Quality. Soco’s Ulmo honey is the only Ulmo honey to be bottled into the final consumer jar destined for export into the United States. You can trust our honey has not been altered or changed in any way. It is bottled and packaged for international shipment at our private facility in Chile to guarantee the utmost purity.

A Proven Medicinal Honey - and is comparable to Manuka Honey:


Ulmo honey has been proven to have higher antimicrobial effect compared to Manuka honey with certain strains of infection/bacteria such as E-coli for example. Manuka Honey is a very well known medicinal honey. Ulmo honey is medicinal honey that compares to manuka honey. The medical research regarding Ulmo honey has proven it to be effective with Burns and with Venous Ulcers. Much like Manuka honey, our Ulmo honey is highly antibacterial, antimicrobial and is used to help the Digestive System, Soothe Sore Throat and ease the common Cold and has been used for scrapes, cuts, moisturizing cream among many other uses. Ulmo honey is a great option for Manuka consumers to buy a premium High Quality Healing Honey but without paying the premium price of Manuka honey. Currently, Ulmo honey does not have a designation system like Manuka honey's UMF or Kfactor or MGO standards. It is our hope that one day Ulmo will have this designation. 


Unlike most raw honey, our raw Ulmo honey is buttery, smooth, and soft. It is not hard and grainy like the common raw honey.

There are many descriptions that describe our honey; Delicious, Delicate and Delectable are just a few.

A big difference between 'Ulmo' honey and other premium Medicinal honey is the TASTE. Our Ulmo honey has a softly defused creamy yellow color. Its aroma is of soft floral notes that dance on your tongue. Its texture is creamy and smooth with fine crystallized particles the melt away as you enjoy this premium honey.


We do not strain or filter our honey in any way. We never heat our honey (not even a little). Our honey is 100% antibiotic free. We never alter our honey in any way. Our Ulmo honey is a single batch honey, we never mix it with another honey. We do not use other beekeepers honey. All our honey comes from our own hives. Our hives now have an 80 year lineage.


Our 'Ulmo' Honey is from the mystical Island of Chiloe, Chile, the place where the native 'Ulmo' flower grows; at the gateway to the magical Chilean, Patagonia. Our 100% Pure, Raw, Natural Ulmo honey cannot be reproduced anywhere else in the world. Once you try Soco's Ulmo Honey you will fall in love with it! Its smooth, creamy texture with the fine crystallization (naturally from the comb) melts in your mouth. Then when you take a breath, the delectable flavor of the Ulmo flower's nectar comes to life on your tongue, and that is when you realize what the best honey in the world feels and tastes like. Our Ulmo honey is a premium, world-class honey with proven medicinal/antimicorbial qualities. See information below regarding Soco's Ulmo Honey.


More Details about Our Ulmo honey:


Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF): an Organic compound derived from the dehydration of sugar. HMF is naturally found in all honeys from the beginning stages of production in the honey comb but at low levels. HMF levels will increase if honey is exposed to heat or outside components such as inverted sugars (syrups, additives) are added to the honey during process. HMF is a direct indicator of raw honey quality where lower levels indicate the highest of quality and high levels indicate lower quality.  In Europe and USA, one cannot market as high quality natural honey if their HMF factor is above 40.  In the case of our Ulmo Honey, the HMF measures 8.34mg per KG of honey.



Humidity (Moisture content): This factor is very important for raw honeys. The lower the moisture content, the better, because more water % in honey degrades the pure quality and increases the risk of fermentation over time in storage. Any raw honey should have moisture content that does not exceed 20%. The average honey has around 18.5% moisture content.  Our Ulmo Honey has 17.5%.


Diastase: Converts starch into short-chain sugars. Many countries have regulation that no table honey can have Diastase level below 8. Many honeys used for bakery is around this level. Our Ulmo Honey has a level of 25.7.


Methylglyoxal (MGO): This component is the key indicator of Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA) in honey and until now has only been found in significant amount from some strains of Manuka Honey. Our Ulmo Honey shows some level of MGO but not significantly high because Ulmo Honey’s activity is derived from high levels of Hydrogen Peroxide production, not from NPA.


Antibiotics/Pesticides: Our Ulmo Honey, shows 0% presence of any antibiotics or pesticides. It is essentially an Organic Honey without the IMO Organic certificate.


A study by BioMedCentral has shown that Ulmo Honey can have as much as or even more antimicrobial activity against strains such as E-coli and P. aeruginosa than Manuka Honey. See their report here: Ulmo Health Benefits BioMedCentral