See Chiloe Island, Chile., & See our beekeeper

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Chiloe Island, Chile & Our Beekeeper (Don Boris). 

This is a video of Don Boris describing Chiloe Island and the Ulmo blossom. We have transcribed the video as well. See below. 

Here is the Video Transcription:
Speaker: Soco Honey's Beekeeper, Don Boris D.

Chiloe is an island that is in the south of Chile. It is a place that is free of pesticides, everything is organic, they don't use pesticides. There is an abundant bloom because of the climate (heavy rainfall)... and a lot of rain equals increased nectar production. Production is high and there we have 'Ulmo'... Ulmo is an endemic tree and Chiloe is the only place in the world where 'Ulmo' exists. The characteristics it has, the flavor, aroma and texture are incomparable there is no comparison in the world to the honey from the 'island'. Also, it has many medicinal properties.
The hives are in the south, in the 'Ulmo' forests. They take the hives, take out the frames, they shake the frames, remove the wax and then put it into a centrifuge and remove the honey using the centrifuge force. At that point, we decant the honey and do nothing else. We do not heat, filter or strain in our process. We only use decantation. 

The bottling process goes like this. We use a jar filling machine. We fill the machine by hand from the drum, because you cannot pour the drum. You cannot pour the drum because the honey is not watery. So in order to bottle, we fill the tank manually. The filling machine we use doe not alter or heat anything. We do not alter the honey because, exposing honey to heat destroys its enzymes and it loses all its qualities. We use an artisan bottling process. We are not incorporating any machinery nor machinery to apply the labels. We are doing everything by hand. Additionally we are very clean. We do not receive machinery, oil... nothing that hurts the environment. We follow the process that the bees tell us to do. We are obedient to the bees, we don't go against them. Like one philosopher said "Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed."

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