2017 Ulmo Honey Season is underway.

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2017 Season is underway for Ulmo Honey.

Just got word in from Don Boris in Chile. The climate conditions for this seasons Ulmo blossom has been ideal. There have been on and off rains followed by nice sunny days – this is perfect weather for the honey bees to go ‘crazy ‘ for the delicious nectar that the Ulmo blossom produces. The heavy rains do not hurt the blossom. The Ulmo flower produces a high quality medicinal honey (much like that of Manuka Honey) that is very unique. The premium honey produced by the bees exists nowhere else in the world; it can only be found on Chiloe Island in Chile. This season, we are excited to see the initial Ulmo Honey samples coming in with the impeccable texture, delectable taste and of course the beautiful color….


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